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I've done some reading on all this stuff web-makin' stuff; now... if only I can find the time to do something to this site... Stay tuned.

Nothing in the world smells quite so good as frozen strawberries.
And nothing in the world smells quite so bad as frozen onions.

-That's an original Curt Quote, folks. (And after all, I ought to know; I'm a bachelor.)

Recent cool discoveries: - This is way too cool. They've got practically everything. Or at least everything important (like... Monmouth, Oregon; Kijabe, Kenya; Kandern, Germany; stuff like that.)

Recent news:

Cat calls 911 to save owner.
Valuable modern art sculpture stolen.
Inscription found in Gath, corroborating Philistine names similar to "Goliath" - dated at around 900BC (about a century after David v. Goliath).
Kitty has left the building.
Gilligan has left the building.

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Curt's current role: being a student. Currently studying modern Hebrew in an "ulpan" class; beginning to read up on some theology topics.
Curt's current location: Jerusalem

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*I prefer to take my definition of "soon" from Aslan: "I call all times 'soon'."

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