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At Black Forest Academy this year, I am teaching the following classes:

Life of Christ

Class is going pretty well. Most of the kids are sticking with it, mentally. I've got the thing planned out pretty nicely, I think -- somewhat pared down from the initial schedule, but still covering the most important topics.

The first semester of this class is described as studying the ministry of Jesus, using primarily the Gospel of John, with focus on Jesus' deity, on the Passion Week (i.e., the last week leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection), and on the atonement. Being the academic kind of guy that I am, I'm also using it to introduce the students to Bible study skills. For the second semester (beginning in January), we go on to "Life of the Church," in which we will study the book of Acts and then proceed to an overview of church history with special attention to the Reformation.

Here is the class schedule for the entire first semester. Those of you who have had classes at Multnomah might be able to discern just one or two eensy weensy influences from them (e.g., Bible Study Methods from Dr. Wecks, and from Dr. Frost; a Fongonian creative project, etc). Am I trying to do too much with these poor little high schoolers? Rest assured that I'm not doing the full-blown assignments that we had in seminary! I'm just trying to introduce the concepts and get their feet wet. Perhaps it will be too much... but I think that I've set it at a level which is quite attainable for them.

Here are some of the creative projects my class turned in (way back on Nov. 12).

And here they are -- my class!



I have two sections of drama class. We are slowly progressing from exercises for basic movement, imagination, and team-building, to skits and reader's theater (which I hope to perform for the elementary school). At the end of the year, we will perform two one-act plays [one play for each class section].

Check out my drama classes as they try to solve the "Line-Up Log" activity -- but excepting only that we used a railroad track instead of a log. Minor alteration, that's all.

Here's 4th period.

And here's 7th period.