Useful Links That Curt Likes

Still not nearly 'complete'!  But perhaps you'll enjoy it...

Caveat Surfer:
The internet is constantly changing. A website that today is very nice & useful, may tomorrow be worthless or even misleading. Therefore, although the following sites have proven their usefulness to me in the past, anything could happen to them in the future. You must be discerning.

He's Not Quite Done Yet...

And here's one that my students at BFA liked. (Well, some of my students.) (Mostly boys.) (Mostly on the younger side of high school.) It's kind of one of those things you just have to experience, so I won't try to describe it. Just click it, and see.

Internet Movie DataBase - it has everything. Well, everything except a list of movies with cats in them. Which I have right here.
NarniaWeb: Your Source for Narnia Movie News

NarniaWeb: Your Source for Narnia Movie News

Annual Numismatic Mtg in Basel