Schools of Curt's Past (or Present) (& Future?)

Black Forest Academy - where I taught for 2 years, and hope to return soon.

Multnomah Biblical Seminary (& College) -- If it's Bible you want, then you want Multnomah!
Where I studied for ... uh... well... a few years.  ;-)  Long enough to earn my MA in Biblical Studies, and almost -- almost but ever so not quite -- almost my BOB* Degree.

Jerusalem University College -- a great experience back in 1998, and very glad that I had the opportunity to be there.  And now... I'm back in Jerusalem, not primarily at JUC, but nevertheless auditing 1 class there per semester.  (Did I mention the BOB* Degree concept?)


*BOB Degree: the much-sought-after Black-Out Bingo Degree.