Useful Language Tools

On-Line Language Tools:

An excessively helpful utility.  You type (or paste) in a Hebrew word [complete with any and all suffixes and prefixes], and it figures out all the possible stem words that that inflected word might have come from.  You don't have to type in the vowels -- indeed, I'm not sure if you can.  It lists all the possible stem words with their English translations, as well as their parts of speech (in Hebrew).  It also notes the linguistic group from which the word comes (e.g., biblical), if not simple modern Hebrew.  [Note that you must enable Hebrew script on your computer, in order to use this site.]
Google Translator (a.k.a. Babelfish) :
This is how I survive in Germany. One must deal with all sorts of lovely government forms, insurance forms, bank letters, ... . All in German, of course.

PDA Tools:

Dictionary (also here):
Not perfect, but very handy.  A quick way to look up words (either direction, English <--> Hebrew). Sadly, does not provide information on the Hebrew word's gender [nouns] or binyan [verbs].  Still, it is useful & obviously portable.  Not expensive; may be able to find a discount coupon code.  (They also have many other languages available.)

Language-Learning Products:

The Learnables:
Booklets and CDs (or audiotapes) for various modern languages.  An approach and tool recommended by Dr. Randall Buth (see  Personally, I began using their German product, but had only just begun when I decided to come to Israel -- so German is on hold for me, and I have limited experience with their products.  But it seems like a good, solid place to begin.  (Somewhat expensive.)
Rosetta Stone software:
Computer program for various modern languages.  Again, the picture-listen approach recommended by Dr. Buth.  Adds the interactivity of a computer program.  I've used the modern Hebrew (only Level 1 is available).  It does seem like a nice way to begin learning a language.  (Somewhat expensive.)