Cincinnati Bengals - Links of Some Use

The Obvious:

The Bengals' own home page - usually a bit slow to load up; have patience.

The Not-So-Obvious:

Ever wonder if Curt gets to watch this week's game?  Well, here's how to tell:

  1. Either it's one of the ESPN games , ... or ...
  2. It's on METV , ... or ...
  3. I don't get to watch it.

I used to be able to listen to it on internet radio, but the NFL (and/or Clear Channel) has clamped down on that.  Now I'd have to pay to listen.  And that seems unlikely to happen.  Mostly.   But here are the radio websites of interest, anyhow:

And finally, here's a Cincinnati-area TV station that posts their news broadcasts: "WCPO". (I think maybe they have something to do with a robot from Star Wars.  Not sure though.)

The Profound:

Statistics of a Peculiar Nature.