"Macbeth" Rehearsal Pix

Weird Sisters brewing trouble (47kb) Troubled Sisters brewing weirdness (48kb) Macbeth kills faster than the eye (33kb) Oops.  Not quite dead yet. (37kb) There... that oughta do it. (40kb) Cool fight scene slow lighting effect.  Well... except for the ladder. (43kb)
Weird. (50kb) Talking to weirdness. (51kb) Letter from the front. (50kb) Maybe I shouldn't have killed him... (45kb) Little troubles like this can draw us closer... (41kb) Go wash up. (38kb)
P1020243.JPG (47kb) Oh, stop your blubbering. (31kb) Yep, yer a-gonna need a whole new transmission. (40kb) P1020255.JPG (52kb) Weirdness spreads. (54kb) Sending off Banquo (48kb)
Banquo returns (45kb) What are ya, blind??? (43kb) Return of Weirdness. (55kb) Weirdness descends. (44kb) Weirdness attacks. (55kb) P1020294.JPG (49kb)
Seems I've go' a li'tle spot, 'ere. (40kb) Entangled in weirdness. (57kb) When you get right down to it, this is a weird production. (51kb) And it gets to some of us... (46kb) Off with ya, now. (48kb) Return of Banquo. (47kb)
Battle again. (34kb) Time for a come-uppance. (52kb) Macbeth falls. (56kb) New king, with weirdness in the background. (56kb)