T. Mount Rubble Sifting

Here's the place for sifting the T. Mount rubble. (101kb) Not far from the origin of said rubble. (87kb) First, you scoop the rubble into buckets... (119kb) Like this fine young man is doing. (114kb) Then you dump the buckets into a screen & shake it to get out all the dirt and tiny stuff. (102kb) Then it goes back into buckets, soaks for a while, and then each bucket is dumped & rinsed in another sifter. (116kb)
And then carefully inspected, with all the bits of man-made stuff saved. (95kb) Some of the regular workers with whom I volunteered. (58kb) Here's a typical bucketful.  Can you find the ancient coin?  There's one there. (150kb) And here's the first gold that I ever found, anywhere.  It's gold leaf on glass mosaic tiles, which were part of a mosque decoration centuries ago. (65kb) Eventually, the finds are sorted by an archaeologist (or at least an arch. student). (108kb) And when you find something *really* cool, like say an ancient inscribed seal, you get your picture taken. (80kb)