A Sukkot Evening 2006

The plaza at City Hall (59kb) P1040619.JPG (49kb) The big sukkah ( P1040624.JPG (51kb) Now I've walked across town to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Approaching the Temple Mount, what do I see?  Kitties! (81kb) A sentinel made by God (the moon) shining down on... uhmmm... something else. (47kb)
The southern Temple Mount excavations, with a background of the Mt of Olives (left) and Silwan village. (51kb) P1040652.JPG (49kb) Dome of the Rock (L), Western Wall (L, below),  El Aqsa Mosque (R), Moon (U) (54kb) All lit up for a Sukkot evening. (64kb) Oops.  We look back at the Temple Mount wall, Robinson's Arch, the mosque, and the moon. (49kb) The plaza next to the Western Wall. (71kb)
P1040676.JPG (87kb) P1040678.JPG (63kb)