Lachish Field Trip

Grapevines below the tel of Lachish.  The excavated gate can be seen midway up the hill, at right.  Barkay's excavated trench can also be seen, middle left. (54kb) Dr. Barkay in his natural habitat.  (The gate is clearly visible, behind.) (99kb) Now standing atop the first gate, turned & looking into the remnants of the inner gate. (77kb) Dr. Barkay standing on the spot where were found the famous Dr. Barkay points out the walls of the palace compound (Palace A). (36kb) See... right here.  Do I make myself clear? (52kb)
Do you see it? (55kb) What is left of the governor's palace from the Persian period (Nehemiah's era).  Alas for excavation techniques from the 1930s, or we'd have nearly a whole building! (45kb) The palace platform, with the seam of section C clearly visible on the right.  Do you see it? (55kb) The join of sections A and B of the palace platform.  Pretty clearly not built at the same time. (59kb) Looking back at the gate ( A look down on those grapevines.  (The type of grape is from California!)  Note all the trees -- they've all been planted since the 1930s, on an otherwise barren landscape. (74kb)