Tour of my Jerusalem Apartment

Welcome to the digs. This is looking in from (a bit left of) the front door. Note the YMCA building out the window. (63kb) Looking back from the corner next to the window. Usually there aren't so many boxes.  Note the closed front door and to the left, the kitchen doorway. (79kb) From the corner that was at the right end of previous pic.  Here, see the front door at extreme right of this pic.  There's the hallway to the bedrooms, on the left. (63kb) Peeking into the kitchen.  The laundry area is at the back, to the left of the window. (79kb) And here we are at the back of the hallway.  My room is to the right of the picture; the other 2 bedrooms are to the left.  You see the bathroom and the extra restroom's door.  And the paper shredder. (42kb) Here we look toward my room.  (The hallway to the front door is to the right.) (37kb)
From my doorway, looking toward the other bedrooms (& restroom) (& paper shredder). (41kb) Now we'll go into my room.  It's kinda messy.  Sorry about that.  Lots to fit into a *very* small room. (38kb) Stepped into my room, and looking to the right. (29kb) And now looking to the left.  Pretty spacious, isn't it! (94kb) And just in case you wanted to see the view out my window... Pretty cool, eh?  (That's the back of the laundry room's cabinet that you see there.  Stunning, isn't it?) (47kb)