Christmas Eve 2005 in Bethlehem

After a short bus trip from Jerusalem, the church group I was with walked the last bit in quite a downpour. (95kb) Most of the evening was a dinner & sermon, in a restaurant right next to the Church of the Nativity. This is the only pic from inside. (64kb) Outside looking back; see the restaurant's lights at center, top. After we finished, we fought thru the crowds all waiting to get into the official service (Mass, no doubt) whose entrance was just to right of the restaurant. This is just the tail end of the crowd. (91kb) Part of the church. To the left front is the line to get in. The church's plaza is in front of this building, extending to the left. (71kb) On the way back to the bus. (85kb) P1000346c.jpg (87kb)
P1000349.JPG (101kb) P1000350.JPG (96kb) From the parking garage, looking back in the direction of the church (though it is not in sight). (69kb) A little to the left, and you can see not only the hill on which the church rests, but also the valley below. (65kb) Further left, looking into the valley. Of course, you can't see much.  It's nighttime, you know.  (But there might have been angels lighting up the sky, one night. About 2010 years ago.) (48kb)