Biblical Ulpan 2005 (part 3)

Early morning, before the sunrise.  All's quiet. (28kb) P7200167.JPG (45kb) Here comes the sun... (31kb) There it is! (33kb) Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee. (23kb) P7200183.JPG (41kb)
P7200187.JPG (37kb) P7200191.JPG (28kb) P7200193.JPG (36kb) P7200195.JPG (44kb) P7200199.JPG (36kb) And it's gonna be a hot one! (40kb)
Early morning sunshine on Tiberias. (27kb) P7200209.JPG (23kb) Sunrise shines on the Arbel Cliffs. (41kb) P7200213.JPG (27kb) An Australian sitting on the dock. (37kb) The
P7200241.JPG (59kb) Ancient boat nails. (99kb) Pagan Hazor. (91kb) More Hazor. (103kb) Digging up even more Hazor. (64kb) Just how much Hazor do we need? (84kb)
Ancient mud-brick wall thingy. (64kb) An archaeologist's delight. (74kb) A refreshing stream near Tel Dan. (98kb) The sin of Jeroboam.  Apostate temple at Dan. (84kb) That thar's Lebanon, it is. (41kb) Really old gateway to Dan.  Behind the scaffolding is a mud-brick archway dated to Abraham's time (well...there's some debate). (55kb)
Hebrew lesson, at Mount Hermon. (106kb) Pretty flowers on the slopes of Mount Hermon. (104kb) Pretty Flower. (68kb) PRETTY FLOWER! (71kb) Moon over the Sea of Galilee. (32kb) Pretty whorled flower.  (It's actually from a tree, but fell on the ground.) (56kb)
Tiberias reflections. (43kb) Moon over Tiberias. (18kb) I call this one:  Moon.  Tiberias lights.  Sea of Galilee.  Warm night.  Very nice. (17kb) Shades of Kenya. (117kb) Arbel Cliffs. (47kb)
Hey!  I can relate to that. (66kb) At Nazareth Village. (109kb) Blurry, but still cute. (44kb) Synagogue style. (46kb) How did they then live? (76kb) From Mount Carmel, looking down on Tel Jokneam (in center of photo). (45kb)
The mighty Kishon River.  (Can you find it?) (56kb) Looking up the Jezreel Valley.  Note Tel Jokneam.  Note the secret airport. (45kb) Don't *DO* that.  Or that.  Or that... (87kb) And the obligatory closing sunset picture, as the day fades away. (18kb)