Biblical Ulpan 2005 (part 2)

Field Trip:  Mount Tabor, looking down into the Jezreel Valley. (58kb) View toward Nazareth (atop the hills) (41kb) Crazy tourists... (56kb) Wider view toward Nazareth. (46kb) . (60kb) Touring ancient Qatsrin. (88kb)
Basalt construction. (98kb) Lots of rock houses. (89kb) P7190112.JPG (100kb) Inside an ancient Qatsrinian house. (37kb) I'll bet them wooden beams ain't ariginal, is they? (39kb) Basalt ceiling. (34kb)
P7190120.JPG (51kb) Ancient Qatsrinian architectural techniques. (55kb) The ancient synagogue.  I wonder what it would've looked like... (70kb) Oh, yeah.  Kinda like that, maybe. (77kb) Billy!  Billy, now be a dear, and go fetch us some fresh water. (89kb) Qatsrin synagogue pillars. (69kb)
P7190127.JPG (45kb) Insight into ancient apostate practices. (27kb) On the pier, at the kibbutz hotel on the NW shore of Galilee.  Hmm.  Curious... (69kb) In case you missed it. (72kb) Hey!  Cool!  Look at that! (42kb) Sigh.  The end of another day. (42kb)
Uhmm.  Uh-oh.  Tide must've come in or something.  Mommy. (42kb) Looking back at the Arbel Cliffs, with the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  Sunset. (40kb) Evening calm. (21kb)