Biblical Ulpan 2005 (part 1)

Welcome to the moshav:  lots of sun, pretty flowers, pretty butterflies, dorm rooms, and.. uh.. rocks in the window. (79kb) Swallowtail Butterfly (61kb) Field Trip to Ramat Rahel (82kb) . (99kb) Jerusalem from a distance. (59kb) Jerusalem from a distance, zoomed. (62kb)
The Old City, viewed from the Promenade. (68kb) Same view, unzoomed. (73kb) P7100348.JPG (71kb) My first view of The Wall. (57kb) It's JUC!!! (75kb) Temple Mount, viewed from Hebrew U. (52kb)
Field Trip: Beth Shemesh (45kb) Samson's stomping grounds, viewed from Beth Shemesh. (47kb) Inside a cistern. (24kb) Beth Shemeshian cistern plaster. (46kb) P7130015.JPG (83kb) Elah Valley, from Tel Socoh. (58kb)
Looking up the Elah Valley.  I wonder if those big satellite dishes are part of what scared King Saul... (53kb) Some of the group sets out overhill. (45kb) From Azekah, looking down the valley that presumably was the attempted escape route of the Philistines. (59kb) From Azekah, looking toward the Elah Valley & Socoh. (68kb) And back home to Yad HaShmona for the sunset. (11kb) There it goes. (19kb)
And goes. (18kb) And goes. (35kb) Almost gone now... (20kb) There it went! (22kb) Always nice to know where your bread came from... (41kb) The back side of Yad HaShmona's hill. (106kb)
We are not alone... (91kb) Abu Ghosh, yonder. (79kb) Billy!  Billy!!  Have you emptied the flies yet this month?? (68kb) A nice display of pomegranates. (55kb) I call this one:  Pomegranate, Flower, and Hand. (73kb) There!  The classic pomegranate & its flower. (67kb)
And this is what a nice little pomegranate tree looks like. (54kb) Another sunset approaches. (51kb) I'll bet I'm the first person ever to think of this shot... (36kb) P7180090.JPG (43kb) Sunset over the ancient synagogue. (50kb) The end of another day. (17kb)
And the sun sets. (20kb) Night lights in the west. (26kb) Ooooo!  The moon and a planet are trying to send us a message!  That's a dalet, I'm sure of it... unless maybe it's a lamedh. (14kb) Evening talks on the synagogue wall. (16kb)