McCorkle Reunion 2006 - On Into the Park

Them's lots of folks waiting for some hot water. (95kb) And thar she blows! (37kb) Howdy. (37kb) I was there. (74kb) Warning: Bufflios can be hazardous to your cars.  (So get out & walk.) (70kb) P1020853.JPG (56kb)
P1020858.JPG (118kb) Hey, Bill, let's rattle the sporty-lookin one.  You take the right side, I'll take the left. (93kb) Buffalo. (104kb) Flowers, early in a hike. (117kb) I see 'em!  Waaay on ahed up there. (100kb) P1020892.JPG (121kb)
Nice view. (85kb) And there's one of the wolves we were told was feeding on a kill.  Kinda small, but... (113kb) ...if we zoom in & blow up the picture, voila!  Wolf! (131kb) River. Brush. Rolling hills. Trees. Mountains.  Sky.  Big sky. (96kb) Photo of a photographer taking a photo of a photographer. (50kb) I call this one 'Twisty Dry Branches & Purple Flowers'. (177kb)
P1020929.JPG (178kb) How does a buffalo smell?  With one of these. (119kb) Look at the funny people. (117kb) Hey, buddy.  Can you spare a nickel? (92kb) Howdy, Mr. Butterfly! (83kb) P1020996.JPG (113kb)
P1030027.JPG (124kb) P1030033.JPG (122kb) Hot mud bubbles. (67kb) P1030050.JPG (74kb) P1030064.JPG (67kb) And back to the campground for fun & games. (87kb)
Colorful sunrise. (46kb) P1030076.JPG (67kb) P1030080.JPG (58kb) Hey!  That cute little fellar is stealing the bike! (80kb) P1030090.JPG (71kb) And all slide shows must end with a stunning sunset. (70kb)