McCorkle Reunion 2006 - Campground

Almost there! (60kb) Greg *finally* arrives.  ;-) (60kb) The first sunset at the campground. (99kb) With a tinge of red in it. (85kb) And the first morning. (67kb) Must be time to start fishing. (90kb)
The swimmin' hole. (101kb) Awwww... such a cute little fellar. (117kb) Pretty good!  But the judges must deduct a half point for wings out of sync. (89kb) A nice sunset. (75kb) Cool!  Rocks! (62kb) Cool!  Camera settings! (68kb)
A big bug has fallen into the lake. (41kb) Better pick it up.  (Did I mention this was a McCorkle family reunion?) (100kb) P1020741.JPG (68kb) More fishin. (46kb) Howdy, fisher dude. (75kb) Hey!  There's someone out standing in the lake! (46kb)
P1020756.JPG (74kb) Wish that one were in focus! (39kb) Bye bye, birdie. (78kb) Sneaky photo from offshore. (121kb) Splish splash. (125kb) The place to hang out. (122kb)
P1020791.JPG (138kb) And a fun time was had by all. (96kb)