As you can read in your local media (e.g., Seattle Newspaper), we had an earthquake in the middle of the night (technically, Sunday morning, Dec. 5). Apparently, it was centered at the town of Waldkirch, which is about 30 miles north-northeast of Kandern.

It was enough to wake me up -- though I hadn't been sleeping terribly deeply last night, anyhow. I said to myself, "Hey, self. That is an earthquake. I hope the building doesn't fall down or anything. Maybe I should roll off the bed & onto the floor. ... Nah..." And by then it had mostly subsided. So I just prayed & thanked God that He is in control of such things, and went back to sleep.

Kandern appears to have sustained no damage. I heard something about some people losing electric power, briefly.

(There was another earthquake last spring. Shorter in duration, and smaller in shakingness. That was also in the middle of the night, but I happened to be at school then. I actually heard that one coming! Sounded kinda like a big truck driving by.)